Ken’s incredible ‘Vegetable’ shed of wonders!

In the village of Ludham you will find tucked down a side road, Ken’s Shed.

Ken’s ‘honesty’ vegetable shed is a thing of sheer beauty!  Outside are boxes of apples and on the door of the shed are instructions inviting you to open the door and behold his ‘Veggie wonder’. Inside an Aladdin’s shed of beautiful vegetables and freshly laid eggs.

Ken has made sure his ‘honesty’ system works by installing cameras which records your every move but I can’t imagine not putting money in his box for the wonderful produce on display. We bought new potatoes, runner beans and  tomatoes all for the princely sum of £2.20.  Wish there were more Ken sheds like this.

Sutton Hoo – Viking burial mounds for Kings

25 September

This ancient site, of five burial mounds from the Anglo Saxon era, was both eerie and fascinating.  The king of the Saxons, King Raedwald, was laid to rest in circa AD625, which was just after the Roman’s left. The mounds contained amongst other items, a viking ship, an incredible golden belt clasp, horse adornments and many other artefacts a king would have needed in the after life. The Vikings were both sophisticated and aesthetically creative using gold & jewels, the most incredible being the gold helmet of King Raedwald. These burial mounds were only excavated in 1939!  Incredible to think they were undisturbed for 1300 years.

I would definitely recommend a visit to this National Trust site which is immaculately maintained with a fantastic parking area for motorhomes. Dogs must be on a lead and were allowed in the cafe & the shop but not the exhibition hall.

Yes Constable

A beautiful day, both weather and scenery combined to give us our best day so far. We are in Dedham Vale in Constable Country. We set off early from our site and drove about 40 minutes to Flatford Mill, this is a National Trust property and is where Constable painted the Hay Wain, as well as various other significant landscapes. The car park was empty when we arrived at 9:15am and so there was plenty of space, although no specific parking for motorhomes. We tried parking normally but we just stuck out too far, so instead we parked across three parking spaces as there were so few people around, then we went wondering around the beautiful scenery.

With so few people at this time of the morning, and the soft light from the early Autumn sunny reflecting off the still water around the mill, made for the most tranquil of scenes.

Tea shop at the mill

There is a beautiful teashop here located at the water’s edge, which was just opening up as we came past. We crossed the small bridge and continued walking along the banks of the Stour, as people rowed and kayaked slowly downstream. We meandered through fields on our way towards Dedham village. Just before the village Archie caught something in his paw and started limping so he had to be picked up and carried, fortunately he isn’t a Great Dane! When we got to Dedham we decided to take a break, here we had coffee in the Essex Tea Room (the area forms the boundary with Essex and Suffolk), while giving Archie and ourselves a rest. I went into the Co-Op to pick up some bread and fruit for dinner, it was the loveliest Co-Op shop (at least on the outside, it shirked the modern Co-Op regalia and looked like an olde-world village shop. And they had fresh baked bread on a Sunday!

Whilst we had coffee we contemplated how we would get the invalid dog back. I thought I would carry him back from Dedham to Flatford, some 2 miles, although I didn’t really fancy it. Then I had the bright idea of hiring a rowing boat and rowing back to Flatford Mill, dropping off Lisa and dog, then rowing back and then walking back again. The attendant at the rowing hire told us it would take about 1.5 hours to row there and back. The cost was £14/hr, with a £14 deposit, which would have meant forking out £35 and I only had £20 in my wallet! A trip back the cash-machine in the Co-Op was required, at the end of this 10minute sojourn I arrived to see a dark blue Mini pulling out of the car park with a mad woman waving furiously at me I tried to avert my gaze but she was insistent. Well she was non other than Lisa Lane, she had hi-jacked a car (and man)!

You can see the walk that we did from this publication.

Bee-ware & Bedlam!

Bee…ware!  Last night whilst fast asleep in bed, I was woken by very gentle footsteps walking upwards from my shoulder to my neck.  Half awake, I  promptly asked Carlos to check out said walker… was only a giant black BEE!!!!!!  Quick and assertive action was taken to get the bee into a container and I was once again safe to return to my sleepy state, except of course I couldn’t. What if the bee had stung me? What if I had rolled over on to my back and…..well of course my mind would not let me relax back into sleep.  Grrr or should I say….buzzzzzzz.

P.S. No Bee was harmed during this rescue and was released the following morning to fly away.

Bed…lam  The next day we left Nine Acres campsite and I opted to drive. Minutes driving down a narrow road through a housing estate which was full of busy school mum’s dropping off their kids, I noticed the windscreen seemed to be getting smaller and smaller…..the bed above the cabin which Carlos had being showing to our hosts the previous night, had not been securely fastened and it was falling on my head whilst driving!  Again swift action by Carlos meant he was holding up a double bed whilst I was frantically trying to find somewhere to park! This happened not just once but three times!!!  Very stressful first thing in the morning…..