Motorhome pickup

Today we picked up our motorhome from Elite Motorhomes in Banbury. We arrived in a hire car bursting at the seams with bedding, food, clothes,  and other paraphenalia. Mike, who sold us the motorhome, completed the handover, and fixed two very minor faults immediately. Being motorhome newbies there was an enormous amount to take in, even though the handover took 3.5 hours. For me being a yacht sailor, I was already used to a lot of the way the systems worked, however, we ended up with an enormous crate of paperwork!  Reading through it later we found we had no “manual” for the motorhome as a homogenous unit, only diverse manuals for the motor / chassis – Fiat, and the various fitted items like the fridge, alarm, etc. There is however no manual which tells you how you empty grey water, for instance – is this normal?

When we left the Elite I drove “the bus” and Lisa drove ahead of me in the hire car heading for the camp site some 7 miles away, unfortunately Lisa was tired and she turn off at the wrong exit on the first roundabout – and I followed – as this was my first serious drive in the tank, I decided to wait for a roundabout to do a U-turn. This entailed an 8 mile diversion, but eventually we got to the campsite and the liner was baptised with rain showers, before the sun came out.

Archie settled down in the bus as if he was made for it, already making it his home. Being so small he does have trouble getting in and out, something we will have to address.

Now we are all very tired and about to retire to our island bed for the very first night……


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