Where are we now?

Things have finally started to slow down now, but it has been a busy few days since picking up the van. On our first full day with the van we headed from Banbury down to our storage container in Slough to fill the motorhome with all those items we could not have possibly get into a small family saloon. Important additions such as a crate of wine, a bike, tables and chairs, gizmo cables, sweet smelling candles etc. The following day we headed back to the dealership where we spent the day in their showroom having some minor items sorted out and a TV fitted. Of course now we need an aerial which will have to wait.

We finally headed to our first proper campsite in Bourton-on-the-Water, in the Cotswolds. I’ve also started experimenting with Google maps to try and convey some idea of location, bear with me until I get it right.


Time to sign off now as we are still recuperating from our previous manic months.

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