Riding the New Forest

Since Lisa wants to ride here bike the road I found this perfect ride starting at Hawkhill Inclosure just East of Brockenhurst. It’s a mostly flat 9 mile ride all on forest tracks. There is a lot of pfaffing when we arrive because my bike has to be taken off the carrier, Lisa’s bike needs to be taken out of the garage and the pedals installed. The dog carrier needs to be mounted on the bike and the dog inserted into it. We need to get kitted out with helmets, and any gear we need to take. After about 30minutes we are ready to go!

We took the ride steady for Lisa to get accustomed to her electric bike, she found the ride easy, although I was struggling to keep up with her on the uphill stretches, even though they were not very steep, she was not even out of breath! Archie was on the back my bike, and although he has ridden there before he kept whining because he could see Lisa, but could not be with her. When we were well in the forest we let him out and he ran and ran besides the bikes and tired himself out – which is a really useful trick.

Towards the end Lisa was finding the saddle hard and she managed to drop her bike (and herself) just before we got back.

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