Leaving Germany

A small spot at Ennery

We left Cologne shortly after 11am and filled our tank ready for a long journey. The roads in Germany are brilliant and the motorways are free. Our intention was to get to somewhere around Metz in France. This meant quite a lot of driving for the day, through Germany, Luxembourg and then France. We missed the Mosel valley, which was a pity, but the weather was not conducive to sightseeing, we were on a parallel motorway. We found a place in Ennery just north of Metz, using Parking4Night.com with a parking spot just big enough for our van overlooking the Mosel river. This was a good spot and we spent a quiet night here.

Empty car park near in Vesoul

In the morning we left with our target to get to Vesoul, I drove the first part of the journey up to lunch and then Lisa drove for the rest of the way. This works well for us because Lisa is not great at navigating so its better that I navigate at the end when we are trying to find our place for the night. The weather today included, wind rain and some sunshine. In the late afternoon we arrived at a very large car park in Saint-Valbert in Vesoul, this had a motorhome service point and only one motorhome – us! This car park is not very scenic – however it is next to a fairly large lake, about an hour’s walk around. The forecast told us it was going to rain very heavily and be very windy, so I took the dog out for a walk, but didn’t get all the way round the lake as the ominous clouds were drawing in. The rain lashed down just as we arrived back at the van.

The spot was quiet, unfortunately the weather wasn’t and again the wind gave us a less than restful night.

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