Le Castellet-Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur

We arrived at lunchtime, parked the van at the base of the steep single track road which takes you to Penny’s house and called them to let them of our plan, as we thought this would be the safest option to avoid getting stuck either by not being able to drive up the hill as we weigh 4.25 tons or not being able to turn into Penny’s drive which has a very acute right hand turn and as we are 7.5m long, we need a lot of room to get our back end in!

Penny & John arrived and after discussing our issues, it was decided that as the road sign stated an allowance of 8t, we would risk running the gauntlet to Penny’s drive.  John got in the van with me….yes, I was still driving!  Carlos went with Penny in her car.  I am not sure what John thought of being a passenger in our van as it choked it’s way up the hill collecting various tree branches as we went along.  Still, we made it to the top where Penny & Carlos were waiting for us and on viewing the entrance, I thought there was no way we would ever get into Penny’s drive and even if we did, then absolutely no way could we attempt to drive the van down towards the house which was a steep gravel drive with deep gullies on one side.

John & Carlos thought it would be possible with a bit of manoeuvring and that the van would just fit with a squeeze at the very top of Penny’s drive.  It was at this point I handed the van over to Carlos….my legs were shot and I just could not face another mis-hap with the chassis. Carlos took a chunk out of the neighbouring field but he did it and here is the photograph to prove it!

A well deserved glass of wine was had by all and as luck would have it, the sun was shining and we were able to have lunch on the veranda overlooking the magnificent view to the valley below.


Penny’s garden is beautiful with rows of olive trees gracing the terraces as well as newly planted vines, which should produce wine in four years time.  Can’t wait to taste the wine from the grapes.


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