We arrived in Sommieres at 5.30 in the morning after leaving Sainte-Maries-de-la-Mer in the driving rain and howling winds.  It’s always difficult to arrive in the dark but could you believe it, we got stuck behind the dustbin men in very narrow streets who took forever to crawl up the street emptying bins!  This was all we needed at this time of the morning after a sleepless night!

Eventually, we found our next parking spot, a municipal carpark very close to the centre of town and the very swollen river! Finally to bed in a sheltered location.

When we awoke the next morning, it was to more pouring rain which was forecast to continue all day, so I decided that today would be a PJ day!  The first since leaving the UK last September.

PJ & woolly sock day with Archie!

27 January and finally the sun was shining and the rain had stopped!  Time to explore.  There was an antique market with many stalls and equally, lots of fascinating objects.


We found a wonderful food market too and in addition to our purchases of daily bread, olives and tomatoes, we bought a special cake called ‘La Galette des Rois’, which is the French King Cake.  This cake appears at the beginning of January and its roots can be traced back to the Roman Empire.  A tiny king is hidden inside the cake and whoever finds the king, is king for the day.  This was our gift for our friends Jo & Gaeton who we were visiting the next day.


Sommieres is a wonderful medieval town on the river Vidourle, which was extremely high due to an abundance of rainfall and is an area prone to flooding.  The bridge was built during the Roman era and is impressive even though only 7 arches are still visable.  Originally, there were 21 arches and the bridge would have supported houses and businesses on the top.


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