Crossing the Pyrenees into Spain

The road from Le Boulou was very windy and began through green pine trees gaining height all the time towards the snow-line.  Carlos was driving and I was enjoying the beautiful views of the snow capped mountains in the distance.  The road I have since learnt, is classified as potentially dangerous, as some sections are more than 11% steep.  However, todays driving conditions were good and there was not much traffic on the road. On reaching the summit of Col d’Ares at 1513m, we found a place to park for lunch and admire the view which is the photo at the top of the post.

Our next stop was a free Aire at Sant Joan de les Abadesses which we nicknamed, St Joan the Badass!  Another deserted town with no-one around and it was freezing.  The only building of interest was an extremely steep an angled bridge.  One night was enough.



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