Girona – Catalonia

Girona, a city I have wanted to visit for a long time and finally, here we are!  The Aire is located in the centre of the city and not only was it difficult to find even with our sat nav, it was also difficult to negotiate the narrow streets.  On arrival, we were somewhat dwarfed by towering flats on all sides!


Carlos & Cosi dwarfed by flats!

We decided to stay 2 nights at a cost of €26, which considering we have been camping free, felt like a lot of money!

The weather was not on our side as it was freezing but the old medieval city did not disappoint and once again we found ourselves amongst cobbled streets staring down through the eyes of history.  This city was also used in the Game of Thrones and it was not hard to understand why.


We visited the Cathedral which was enormous and boasts the widest Gothic nave in the world, with a width of 22 metres.  Inside were many impressive artefacts.  The location was once again used for the Game of Thrones!

Girona catherdral

Whilst in Girona, we decided to treat ourselves to an evening out,  a tapas bar in town recommended by the Aire.  However, it wasn’t the best tapas I’ve eaten but certainly not the worst either!  It is a great way to sample local dishes and there was certainly a huge choice, it was hard to know what to choose.  The wine was good €8 for 4 large glasses of red.  Not bad.



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