Pineda de Mar – Catalonia

Moving down the coast, we stayed in an Aire right in the centre of Pineda de Mar which translates to ‘Pines by the sea’.  This town had an incredible long, flat beach with not a cliff top to be seen.


The town also had some beautiful old town houses and it felt very much like a Spanish resort for the Spaniards.

This place seemed deserted but we found a good cycle path right by the ocean and decided to cycle to the next town.   Exploring the area on our bikes we soon found what looked like an empty campsite however, on cycling through we discovered where all the winter campers were hanging out.  There must have been 50 or MH’s of all shapes and sizes and all nationalities.  We stopped to chat to an English couple who had been there since December and we were soon joined by a guy on a mobility scooter, also English……I was trying to imagine our van amongst this tribe and although there was a space on the front row right on the beach, we couldn’t bring ourselves to part of this mass winter migration.


We cycled off home and Carlos’s cooked one of my favourite meals…..sausage & dauphinoise potatoes!





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