Our motorhome, which does not have a name yet, is a Carthago C Tourer I 150.  It is just over 7.5m in length and just under 3m in height.  Built on a Fiat Ducato AL-KO chassis, it has a 2.3 litre engine. We decided on an island bed layout, and have a separate w/c and shower. This is a four berth and has an extra double bed which pulls down over the cab. The fridge is a very decent size and on opening the door, it is illuminated with a blue light. A freezer and oven complete this unit and as full timers, it was important for us to have the oven. One of the key criteria for our van was the payload we could carry. 4250kg is our maximum load and as the motorhome is our home for the next year, we needed to be able to carry enough without continually having to go to the storage facility.  You can find out more about payloads here.

We did a lot of research before buying this motorhome, but being motorhome newbies we were still taking a huge risk this might not suit us, and the dog. Happy to say, so far so good.


Our motorhome came fitted with the Chassis and Comfort Packs from Carthago, which for us gave us the following:

Chassis Pack

  • Automatic air conditioning in driver’s cabin
  • Cruise control
  • Bus mirror “bestview” with bus mirror housing in black / white
  • Angle and height adjustable seat surfaces on the driver’s cabin seats
  • Dashboard finish with wood inlays and air vents in silver
  • Wheel trims with Carthago logo
  • Radio wiring: radio aerial with DVB-T reception, 2 loudspeakers in driver’s cabin and
  • 2 above lounge seating group

Comfort Pack

  • Midi-Heki skylight  with ceiling canopy above living area seating
  • Fridge AES with 160 litre volume
  • Cabin door anti-insect blind
  • SOG toilet fan, ventilation via roof chimney
  • Wiring for:
    • electric roof fan
    • solar system
    • satellite system
    • reversing camera (single lens)
  • Preparation for television: “Quick down” 22”-TFT pull-out system with pre-cable TV

Compared to what you get on cars motorhomes still fall some way behind.